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Aug 5 2010
I Need to Escape

I’ve been stuck in this house for over a week now since my operation. The only times I’ve left were to get a taxi to the Doctors to get a sick note for work and the Hospital to get a blood test done. It’s frustrating because I’m starting to come out of my medicated haze, so mentally I’m raring to do ‘stuff’. Especially since Lydia is off from school for the Summer and she and Dave have already been to the cinema twice without me :argh: Alas, physically I’m still all feeble and painy and my arthritis is being bothersome.

Good news for me this weekend though. Dave’s parents are taking us on holiday to Wales for the week. I’m not going to be able to do much, but I’m taking my Macbook with me, so I’ll be entertained while they go off on their long walks. I’m going to see if I can do anything fancy with iMovie too. It’ll just be nice to get away for a bit even if I can’t run around on the beach chasing Lydia. Dave also wants to take my wheelchair, so I’ll a least be able to look around a couple of shops with them. I didn’t want to ask because it is hard work pushing me around for a few hours, but he’s insisted. He’s a good ‘un :wuv:

Season 2 of 30 Rock arrived in the post today. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to watch this show – it’s awesome! It’s keeping entertained while I wait for the new seasons of everything else to start. It’s actually a nice change to be able to catch up on a show that’s been on for a while and just plow through them instead of the unbearable one episode per week. I’m really looking forward to when the final season of LOST comes out on DVD so I can re-watch them. Dave will be watching with me this time. He stopped watching mid way through season 1 because he didn’t want to get too invested in it, as anything with an over-arching plot tends to get cancelled then he gets pissed off. He also wanted to wait and see if I went off into a rage over the ending, but I loved it, so he’s agreed to watch it with me. I can’t decide if I’m looking forward to explaining everything to him though. I may have to set out a ‘lesson plan’ or something to list what I can and can’t explain and at which point I can explain them. Oh god this is going to be really annoying and difficult isn’t it? :|


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