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Feb 23 2003
So Very Cold

Just got back from the gym and I’m so cold and achy! I feel great after I finish and during the walk back. It’s when I sit down in a comfy chair and relax that I slowly start to seize up. I’ve got the fire on full blast, got my gym clothes still on, with a big fluffy jumper over the top and I’m *still* cold. It’s freezing in the kitchen, so I cant face making a nice hot cup of tea. Dave’s in bed too, so I cant make him do it either :cry: I’m so hard done by. Feel my pain.

Mum’s decided that she wants to go to the gym everyday now. How nice. I was actually thinking about it too, but going before work as its right by the bus stop. But when it comes down to it, I’d rather go with mum. Got to be there for 8.43am tomorrow. Mum wants to go at about 10.30am every day, but luckily there were no spaces available. I mean, 8.30am is early, but I’d rather get it out of the way, then get back home and nap for the rest of the day before work :wink: Ah well, we’ll see how it goes, and if worst comes to worst and I hate going at that time, I can always change it to before work as I planned before.

Still got loads of the lamb korma that I had delivered last night. I had a mad craving for it and thought that I was really hungry. But after about 3 mouthfuls of it, I was absolutely stuffed! I’ve still got half a cheese nan bread, most of the lamb korma and onion fried rice and 2 meat samosas left! It’s strange not being able to eat properly though. I’m not being sick any more at least, but still feel very bloated. I’m really thirsty all the time, but I have so much to drink that I’m literally sloshing around. I physically can’t drink any more, but I’m so thirsty that I can barely talk because my mouth is so dry. My tummy is rumbling constantly too like I’m really hungry, but I don’t feel hungry at all. In fact, its quite the opposite. The thought of food at that point makes me heave :( Dave came to the rescue though with a big carton of pure orange juice with orangey bits in :wuv: It feels like I’m eating, but I’m quenching my thirst too. Yums.

I’m yawning a lot now, and I’m still freezing my arse off, so I may sneak into bed with Dave and steal his body heat.

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